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Micro-Influencers Marketplace

Built to help brand owners with their efforts in simplifying influencers marketing campaigns process, We improve campaign management capabilities while enabling brands to focus on campaign objectives.

What we do?

How it Works


Create Brief

Client goes to Flicron dashboard and describe exactly what influencers need to do in their submitted photos or videos, what do they like to see in influencers description with what specific hashtags and tags.


Budget & Demographics

Client decides the range and budget for their campaign and what type of influencers interest them the most, what demographics they are targeting from their followers including age, gender, and Location.


Selection & Moderation

The appropriate influencers join the campaign, place their bids, the we take care of moderating the content and negotiating bid prices. We monitor influencer’s posts about your campaign, and your campaign is rolling.


Report & Results

During the campaign, we will send statistics to see how your campaign is doing. And once it’s done, we can generate a full report so you can see the final results of your campaign. Plus, client retain the rights to the content created during the campaign

A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is. it is what customers tell each other it is

Scott D. Cook Co-Founder of Intuit